Rembrandt Digital Design provides commercial photography, videography, and private label web hosting to clients in the Toronto and Mississauga Ontario area. We provide images in digital formats to suit -your- requirements, typically ‘print ready’ at 300dpi in EPS, Tiff , Photoshop psd and other formats.

We can fit in work at only a few hours notice, in the Mississauga and West Toronto area.  Our images are always supplied to meet your needs, web or print or both.  From 72ppi web ready graphics to billboard signage they come with all our expertise in color management and high quality reproduction.

We aim to produce product photography that is both informative and eye-catching, for signage, brochures, display stands and web use. We want our product photographs to be just what you wanted, and we can work closely with your web and print designers if required. We produce web based ‘web galleries’ of your images and will quote for any additional image enhancement or processing work that you may require. Our aim is to accommodate your requirements and provide commercial photography that fits in with your needs.

All images are delivered on usb memory and backed up on multiple drives for archival reference.

Photo Services

We also provide retouching, digital photo restoration, web design, and print design as a one stop shopping experience. If you need, commercial , industrial, product, or portrait, photography call us.  We keep our overhead under the radar and pass the savings along.  We rent studio space when we need it.

We have been shooting images in and around Toronto for over forty years.  We went digital 15 years ago and haven’t looked back. We pay special attention to digital workflow and ICC profiling so when we send our production off to your printer,  you won’t see any extra charges or experience any delays.  Time is money.

We still do film on request. But for most situations digital equals or exceeds film in terms of quality.